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Summer 2022 Insta-perations

While I get my inspiration from a lot of places, Instagram has been a great source. I've been using the Discover tool to find new creatives to follow, and I've been noticing a trend in my likes...

I don't know about you but I personally get into certain "design seasons" and bold colors have been hitting the S-P-O-T. I love when designers are able to fiercely fill their spaces with strong patterns and all the maximalist things. Let's gush together over my favorite Summer of '22 Insta-perations:


What immediately caught my attention in Jen's designs is her use of color. Her ability to pivot as she's designing when a color, piece of furniture, or light fixture just doesn't work is super resourceful, and she doesn't shy away from using jewel toned colors, chevron-ing that LVT flooring, and even painting chairs. She's willing to go the distance (check out the Utility Room highlight if you don't believe me) to get the best outcome and let me tell you, it works.

Side note: If you're in the mood for a giggle, check out her Cake highlights!



This artist brings fearless patterns and colors to life, my friend. Peruse Amanda's Instagram and you can clearly see this woman is oh so talented. The preciseness and the patience it takes for these installs makes them so insanely eye-catching!

Join her Patreon for tutorials, discounts on her shop and all sorts of goodies!



Ana is amazing at mixing neutrals with heavier signature pieces, and I'm here for it! Her styling videos are everything for your staging needs, and I'm envious of how much greenery she's integrated into the home because hey, if I could keep a plant alive I would.

Her spaces are very bright and airy while her bigger pieces contextually and elegantly weigh down the room (shoutout cabinet display in the dining room.) She has a great way of styling for seasons timelessly, and while her Nordstrom and Amazon links will get you into some trouble, her tips and tricks won't do you wrong.


As a fellow designer who thrives off supporting creatives, it's important to recognize that inspiration can come from anywhere - a color palette, a hike in nature, a fellow designer, etc. I will always love finding new faces to follow that will inspire me to grow creatively and encourage others to do the same!

By the way - if you ever get stuck, check out our Pinterest and get to dreaming.

Stay inspired,

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