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Long Live Pink

I've been seeing shades of pink pop up everywhere - hospitality, wardrobes, even pink lighting! To be honest, I've been admiring seeing how designers use these bold colors, jewel variants and deep, saturated tones in various unique spaces.

source: @marthabrookldn space: @sugaringlondon

These monochromatic pinks bring about a super flirty vibe, we can't help but want to go into the space! These colors have the energetic ambiance that teases you with the potential of an experience unlike any other, and creates a space that you can't help but enjoy the company you're with.

While some may think it's too much, there's nothing that strikes me more than a bold feature that entices you with a statement of, "Come on in!" more than a statement wall of blush pink potted plants or a magenta feature piece to draw someone in.

So in case you needed the sign, go with the pink - tile, rug, accent, or light fixture - because we're here for it!

Still swooning,

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