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How to Select A White Paint

Your paint color can take your space to the next level, but choosing one that visually supports your design can be an overwhelming process. The amount of undertones available along with your lighting can change what you thought the perfect color was in store versus what actually gets painted. Here are tips to help you decide on your perfect white paint:


What is already existing in the space and are they warm or cooler tones? Natural furnishings and neutral color palettes within the space think - reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows. If there are cooler tones in the space and varying or brighter colors, pull whites with cooler undertones such as greens, blues, purples.

Look at your countertops, cabinetry color and hardware, trims - use these as your North Star for selecting your undertones!*

*If you're switching these out, YAY because that's exciting! Start elsewhere - furnishings, décor, lighting fixture finish.

Unsure what the heck is the undertone? Look at the darkest shade on the color strip from the paint swatch to see what the undertone is.


Select 3-6 paint samples and paint or stick (some come in a peel and stick form) them onto the wall. Does the tone look off? A white with warmer tones could appear too yellowy or too red for the space. Do you like the look at all times of the day - morning, noon, and night? The lighting in the room along with how much/if there's daylight in the space will affect the look immensely.

Spending X amount on a sample to see it in the real space can save you loads of money later!


Walls - eggshell or satin sheen is best and easily wipeable for high traffic (kids and animals)

Cabinets - glossy sheen for easy cleaning

Trim - gloss or semi-gloss (my preference is gloss!)

When in doubt, Google it out! See designer approved whites linked here!

Always celebrating neutrals,

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