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Bright Backyards

Just as important as your interiors... Your exteriors need just as much love and attention! There's nothing like dreaming of having the kids race into the backyard while you're moseying after them and pouring a glass of your go-to summer cocktail (hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?) and enjoying yourself as the air becomes a bit more crisp.

As much as we love an afternoon cocktail, we love a well-intentioned and lush backyard. Surprisingly, we're pro-turf, but that's for another day.

These backyards have caught our attention for multiple reasons - the lighter neutral tones, foliage, and the intentionality behind the spaces.


This dreamy backyard has the most subtle patio stone that makes you just want to walk barefoot across with a nice little afternoon charcuterie board. The Earthy tones just make for such a calm setting, you can't help but want to be accompanied by some good friends and great storytelling.


This green-dream is the perfect breakfast spot with your family. I love, love, love the way the greenery offers shade while the sun peeks through to warm you up as you have your mid-morning tea. The stone firepit adds such a great functional-fun conversation piece... There's always an excuse to have friends over to enjoy the space.


This backyard has me M-E-L-T-I-N-G, but not from the heat! I'm a huge fan of staying loyal to your native plants. Utilizing native vegetation and pavers to spotlight your way through the backyard. It creates such a dreamy little secret getaway!

This backyard catches my attention for the pure reason in that it's simple. It let's the backyard be a backyard and allow for kids to play, people to hammock, and a fire pit to be surrounded. This is the ultimate backyard dream for the family that wants a little bit of everything.

These spaces can sometimes take a backseat when designing, but they have so much potential for giving you that sense of community space for your family to make core memories! I hope these inspire you just as they did me.

Okay going outside now,

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