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  • Small Sizes are limited to >60 SF of design space.

  • Medium Size spaces are limited to 60-110 SF of design space.

  • Large Size spaces are 110-650 SF of design space. Exterior spaces are limited to paint colors & window selections.

  • Custom Spaces can be offered at agreed upon pricing and square footages.


Spaces are designated and agreed upon by booking MF Creative Company, LLC and paying the sum in full. Any work outside of this agreed upon transaction will require a new agreement specific to the requested additions. All design packages are rightfully owned by MF Creative Company, LLC and can be used as such as they please.

Services provided include any or all of the following: creative expertise & Design creation, preparation of interior plans including floor plans, selection of fabrics, furnishings, finishes, materials, and artwork, sourcing, trade resources, presentation boards, presentation of the Design, revisions, purchasing budget. Design Fee is not applied towards any purchases.

The Design Service includes the presentation of the Designer's suggested single best product for each project's style, budgetary and timeline requirements - and allows for one change per room at no charge (i.e. paint color, fabric / textile selection, merchandise specification or floor planning).

Designer does not assume General Contracting responsibilities, but will provide referrals for projects requiring such expertise. Coordination with any Trade Professionals (Trades) required to complete the project will entail a 20% Fee applied to the total cost of work performed and will be pre-paid in installments if, and only if, the customer pays a lump sum for us to coordinate as such.


Client acknowledges the creative and proprietary Design information shared throughout the duration of the project is a service being rendered and hereby agrees not to use the information without permission or appropriate compensation. Designer shall retain ownership of the Design, including any drawings, renderings, sketches, samples, or other materials prepared by us during the course of the Project.

By authorizing this Agreement, Designer is granted the exclusive right to photograph and use any photographs taken (before, during or after the project) and credit the work to the Designer. The name and address of the Client will not be published without the expressed approval of the client.

Designer does not guarantee any material or article against wearing, fading or latent defect, but to extent permitted by law. Client shall have benefit at Client’s sole expense in the assertion thereof, of all guarantees and warranties possessed by Designer against suppliers and manufacturers.

Designer will not be responsible for the means or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery or installation, or safety precautions in connection with the Project, for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any subcontractor, supplier or other person performing the work on the Project, or for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

It is the Designers responsibility to interpret to the best of her ability and to integrate the needs and desires of the Client. Designer’s fees are not contingent upon Clients’ approval of design work, but rather upon the time actually spent on the Project.

This Agreement may be amended or modified only through a written document executed by both parties.

It is our pleasure to design and create a space for you to enjoy for many years to come. Upon checking the "Agree to Terms & Conditions" we have mutual agreement and agreed upon deliverable and can begin work rendered.


We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, please feel free to call.

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