Established in 2021 by two women who want to make a difference, Katie Flack and Alayna Moncada are passionate about finding solutions - with a thirst for collaborative conversations and a strong belief in listening more than we speak, we are most fulfilled when we help people transform their homes into spaces where creativity and productivity meet, cohesively.

Specializing in philanthropy and advocating for communities in need, Alayna thrives off being consciously chic in every facet of her life. Her background in fundraising and community volunteer work has shaped her perspective on how best to allocate resources to the many organizations she's worked with.

While Katie's formal education is interior design and most currently in lighting, she has a true passion to make people feel at peace in their spaces.
Together, their mission to be conscientiously creative leads with being unwavering in loyalty to the budget, constant in communication, and perpetually active in uplifting and strengthening the community around us.

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